AlphaSOC processes billions of network events to flag both
known and unknown emerging threats within hundreds of
enterprises. Through deep analytics we have curated rich
context data around Internet domains, and now integrate
with Demisto to quickly categorize domain names and flag:

  • C2 callbacks
  • Traffic to malware distribution sites
  • Cryptomining and Cryptojacking attacks
  • Traffic to sinkholed destinations
  • Phishing traffic and brand impersonation
  • Policy violations, including:
  • Third-party VPN use
  • Use of P2P, Tor, and I2P protocols
  • Existence of potentially unwanted programs
Generate Your Evaluation Key

Please create the AlphaSOC Console Account to generate an API key for use with the Demisto AlphaSOC Wisdom
integration. You are free to evaluate the Analytics Engine for 30 days upon activating your API key

Contact support@alphasoc.com if you have any questions or wish to discuss the integration in detail.